More than 35 years ago the founders of Magnat dedicated themselves to the goal of perfect sound reproduction.

Up to the present day, all Magnat products have been and still are developed in the laboratories at the company’s head office in Pulheim near Cologne. Only in this way can genuine Magnat quality be guaranteed. It is the philosophy of repeatedly questioning, analysing and improving what is already supposed to be perfect that continuously advances our position as a ‘leading edge’ manufacturer.

Quality and innovation therefore symbolise the corporate spirit at Magnat. Our personal commitment to the achievement of faithful sound reproduction is apparent to everyone who experiences the acoustic qualities of a Magnat loudspeaker.
As one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality hi-fi technology, Magnat now offers what is probably the most extensive product range in over 50 countries around the globe:
high-end technology – from ultra-compact home cinema systems and state-of-the-art floor standing loudspeakers to our brand new line of electronics. In each of these sectors we are setting new standards. Our list of awards, test victories and industrial property rights stretches far back into the company’s history yet still continues to grow impressively today. Some of our ideas have become legendary, often setting the course for new technological advances within the field of consumer electronics.
Over 20 years ago Magnat created a global sensation with its presentation of an omni-directional, dimensionless plasma tweeter. This was followed by the first subwoofer/satellite system and many further nnovations over the years that have influenced the loudspeaker industry up to the present day.