Connection BDB & BFH

Connection BDB & BFH

Modułowy system dystrybucji

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  • PROPRIETARY MODULAR fuse and ground distribution system
  • “ADD-ON” distribution capability grows with your system upgrades
  • EXTENSION LINKS provided with each BFH 14, BDB 24 and BDB 44
  • POLYCARBONATE casing, strong and scratch resistant
  • 4 AWG input and output on both AFS fused and ground modules
  • SMB™ (solid machined brass) construction for better current transfer
  • PLATINUM SATIN finish for enhanced cosmetics
  • KNURLED SCREWS for better contact with the attached wire
  • RECESSED inset cable collar for protection against “stray” wire strands


BDB 44Distribution System, four for 4 AWG, 4 position, link included
BDB 24Distribution System Extension Module, two for 4 AWG, 2 position, link included


BFH 14AFS Modular Fuse Holder, 4 AWG input, 4 AWG output, single position, link included

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